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Content Creators

Engage your most supporting fans like never before with your best content in Augmented Prints.


Enjoy and support the work of your favorite creators thanks to the magic of Augmented Prints.

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How it works?

SuperFans AR prints are Augmented. This means that they come to life simply by pointing at them with your smartphone or tablet, using our Augmented Reality App as shown in the video demo.

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Collection Box

The Collection Box is ideal to enjoy Augmented Prints as it allows multiple family members or guests to enjoy the AR experience by passing the prints around.

Available in A4 and A3, you can leave your prints in the box to share on the coffee table or frame them and put them on your walls.

Augmented Prints

We offers a range of Augmented Print Services for your Fans.

Premium Photo Paper A4 and A3, 300g
Fine Art Paper From A4, 320g
Offset Poster From 80x45 cm, 210g
Premium Linen Canvas From 80x45 cm, 400g
Photo Prints Box
Fine Art Paper
Premium Linen Canvas

SuperFans AR Services for Content Creators

Your work in Augmented Prints shipped directly to your Fans.

Simply upload your content and we take care of the rest. Our team handles processing, printing, logistics, and shipping, as well as after sales, so you can focus on what you do best without having to worry about any logistical burden.

SuperFans AR is the most exciting way to interact with your most supporting Fans

Download SuperFans AR app here:

Content Creator Account

SuperFans AR is currently by invitations only but if you know a talented content creator that would be a perfect fit or you are that talented creator? Reach out here:

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