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Publication title: Kaleido Mandala Dream
Images by: Strakt Studio
Soundtrack by: Strakt Studio
The colorful and symmetric patterns of the Kaleido Mandala Dream collection are extremely beautiful as still images but truly take off, fascinate & captivate when viewed in Augmented Reality.
Publication title: Marseille - France
Images by: Mathieu Piscolli & Fabrice Artaud
Soundtrack by: Milo Travis
Founded by Greek settlers back in 600BC, today Marseille is the second largest city in France. Discover this amazing city from the sky with these beautiful Augmented Prints.
Publication title: Serengeti park
Images by: Max Baker
Soundtrack by: Milo Travis
The Serengeti park is renowned for its large lion population. Max Baker knows the prides intimately. Enjoy his quest for ever closer shots with these beautiful Augmented Prints.
Publication title: Dark Elf Rose
Images by: Ted Bergentof
Soundtrack by: Paul Mentori
Animation Showcase presents to you the exciting and wondrous world of Ted Bergentov. Enjoy amazing sequences of Dark Elf Rose with these beautiful Augmented Prints.
Publication title: Paris - France
Images by: Pierre Chatelain
Soundtrack by: Milo Travis
Paris, the city of lights goes back the first century and was once called the capital of the world. Discover this amazing city from the sky with these beautiful Augmented Prints.
Publication title: Teahupo'o - Tahiti
Images by: Tom Kesley
Soundtrack by: Peter Loyd
The origins of surfing are attributed to three teenage Hawaiian princes dating back to 1885. Teahupo'o in Tahiti is one of the best surf spots. Enjoy these Augmented Prints taking you at heart of the action.
Publication title: The Galápagos
Images by: Philippe Charpentier
Soundtrack by: Chad Aleppo
"Insulae de los Galopegos" or the islands of the tortoises harbour some of the most amazing wild life in the world. Enjoy intimate views of its ocean life with these beautiful Augmented Prints.

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