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The Augmented Prints
Social Media Platform
Dedicated to Fans

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AR Prints Social Media Platform

AR is revolutionising the way content is created and consumed, and SuperFans AR is the place where we meet and share that content.

SuperFans AR is the first Social Media platform of its kind, dedicated entirely to Augmented Prints.

It empowers Content Creators, Brands, Institutions, NGOs, and everyone who has followers to engage with them like never before through revolutionary Augmented Reality technology.

Although it works like all other Social Media platforms, interactions are streamlined and focused around Augmented Prints. Your fans can follow you, express their "love" for your content, and if it's for sale, buy it.

Promote, Communicate and Sell

Augment your prints with the advanced technologies built into our tools and bring your promotional campaigns to life, from flyers, as in this example, to brochures, classic posters and even large format billboards.

Augmented prints allow you to unleash your creativity and generate an unprecedented level of reach and engagement. Use our embedded links and connect your print to your webpage for further interactivity.

Upcoming Augmented Albums

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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Coming Soon
Classical Ballet
Coming Soon
Mountain Bike
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Hors Pistes Alpes
Coming Soon
Let's Dance
Coming Soon
Serengeti Park
Coming Soon
Dark Elf Rose
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

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SuperFans AR is currently by invitation only, but if you would like to sign up, you can fill up the form below and be added to a waiting list. We review every application and we'll get back to you as soon as a slot opens.

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