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The World From Above

This series will feature 6 of your videos. Let's take a quick look at the requirements needed to turn them into AR experiences.

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As you understood, our Augmented Prints work by scanning an image also called "marker" that in turn triggers a video to play overlaid on top of the print, as shown here.

We print the first frame of the video so as to make it look like the image comes to life when video starts playing. The video loops with a two second fade back to the beginning of the footage as you have seen in the samples from our presentations.

You can either upload final video if you are comfortable with editing it, including soundtrack, or our Studio will take care of it.

Video Requirements

Your video resolution must be minimum 4K or above and the footage sharp to be suitable for print.

Please note, slow moving footage is not suitable for this medium as user is holding his device to view content.

Footage must be captivating to keep attention of viewers and make them want to view it again. If you are shooting new footage, keep that in mind in your creative process maybe using Timelapse.

If you are submitting existing footage, it might need to be accelerated.

For the latter, you can create those accelerated edits yourself or let our Studio take care of it and submit results to your approval.

Each final video, featuring a single sequence, is between 8 to maximum 30 seconds.


Sourcing audio can be sometimes difficult for commercial use due to copyright. We suggest you look at sources that offer copyright free audio files or, as you can read in the next slide, use our Split Revenue Module and work with someone you like.

Alternatively, our Studio can take care of it via that same Split Revenue Module.

Social Media Revisited

While your account allows you to engage with your Fans, we have streamlined interactions so they reflect a simpler and more personal approach.

Fans can follow you, they can "like" or, in our case, "Love/Favorite" your content but we do not display a counter to the public, only you will know how many people loved your work.

Similarly, Users can Direct Message You but there is no open comment section. A little more like a real world gallery, where they can interact with artist in a more productive way. They, therefore, understand that Fans who actually purchase your work are more likely to receive answers.


Your account allows you to manage all your projects and much more.

From Notification of every transaction, to Support Tickets and, last but not least, messages keeping an open conversation with a dedicated person helping you with your account, we will be regularly in touch with you as we develop each project together.

Let's go!

Our team is delighted to be able to work with you.

Let's get started and take it step by step.

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