SuperFans AR is a community that gathers content creators and their most supporting fans.

On one side, you have talanted content creators that strive to create ever more engaging content, and on the other, the most supporting fans on the planet that understand that without their support there would not be such engaging content.

We call them Superfans.

This platform is, however, unlike other social media platforms, in the sense that we strive to establish long lasting relationsips that are based on respect, love, decent interactions. We do not advertise profiles of our content creators, rather the content creators themselves promote their own account to their fans and supporters creating a direct relationships. For example, users can express if they like anygiven work from the author, but total number of likes is not displayed.

We do not have a comment section, but if you like to leave a personal message that only the author would be able to read, you can do that.

In simplifying this interactions we hope to create a healthy environment that encourages creativity.

The only way you can access the content of your favorite authors is if that author has an account on SF and invites his fans. Alternatively, if your favorite author is not on the platform, your suggest him via this form.

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